Tracking and surveillance policy

The globalists at the EU have decreed that you should be given a “fair” warning about tracking cookies when you enter this page for the first time and when you have cleared your browser cache. Furthermore we have to remind you about this policy at some regular time interval. The EU believes that this increases security and makes you feel safer. I not-so-respectfully disagree. The only change it has triggered is a plethora of popups on every site that has to be acknowledged and dismissed. As a result, we have directed you to this page to tell you a bit about how we track your activities and how other entities track your activity on our site. We are using WordPress to serve this site, and the functionality requires some cookies to work. Primarily to facilitate logins and site statistics. But then there is all the others.

This site is hosted in a five eyes country, and is managed and owned by individuals residing in a nine eyes country. Furthermore, hacking attempts from the rest of the world are a daily occurrence. Thus, there is only one thing to be certain about: someone is watching your every move on this site. Either directly through you google tracking cookie, or by other means of meta-data analysis. Both by governmental organizations and criminal enterprises. Our point is this: someone is tracking you. We are tracking you, “they” are tracking you, everybody is tracking you, and there is nothing you can do about it. If you use this site you have to acknowledge that fact. If that makes you uncomfortable, it probably wont help to log out of everything put on a tin-foil hat, but maybe it is worth a try.

Some of the known cookies at this site is using are listed and explained at